Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day #13 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Medicine Cabinet)

Day 13.....the medicine cabinet.   This isn't a very big space and yet I had been meaning to get to it for a while now.  We have a pedestal sink so we have like NO counter space.  Up until about last week sometime, we had one of those rubbermaid rolling carts right between the sink and toilet for my makeup, hair stuff, etc.  But Kevin always hated it.  So I reorganized and got rid of it.  But that meant that we also lost some usable "counter" space.  

Anyway....back to the med cabinet.  Here is the before:

 Emptied out.....Can we say GROSS!

My first attempt at reloading them.  I took out one shelf so that we could fit our toothbrushes in too.  I really like the 1 shelf option....but this set up just wasn't quite right...
 Added a small basket to the bottom shelf and moved things around (again) and I was much happier!
It's funny how organizing such a small space can make you feel so accomplished!  I feel like we will be able to get ready in the morning easier now!  Thanks Toni!!


  1. Great job! I am actually learning to appreciate my smaller spaces when I see how much work some of these ladies have to do. :) Is that bad?

  2. Great job. I found your blog from A Bowl full of Lemons. I would love for you to link your posts to my Oganizing Mission Monday link party! I keep it open until Sat, so feel free to visit more than once. I'll give you the direct link since I'm not on blogger & you won't get a link through.