Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 18....not really.

So today's challenge is to organize keepsakes (like your kid's artwork and special things).  I have a plan for this....but I am not ready to put it into motion yet.  So far, what I do is to put special things into the kid's baby books (when they will fit).  And we hang their artwork on display in the toyroom as I mentioned here

I do have a plan, though.  Throughout this next year, I plan to make each of my kids their very own keepsake box to put their special treasures in.  (I made one for my niece for her birthday as shown here.)  I am thinking that this will be what we use to put special keepsakes in, but then I worry that they will get ruined if the kids are allowed access to them.  But on the same note....what kind of gift is it if I won't let them touch it.  So I am somewhat torn on this.  What do you all think? 

I also really like Jen's idea over at IHeart Organizing where she uses decorated binders to keep her son's special papers. Maybe I can do both!

What do you guys do with all your kid's "treasures"?  Got any ideas for me???


  1. I love the keepsake box idea. As for not letting them touch it. Maybe you could make it now... and save it as a future gift when they get older? Like a right of passage thing? You could keep their stuff in it then maybe when they are 13 or 16 or even 18 give it to them full of their old stuff. That would be really fun to look through then! Just a thought! Love ya!

  2. Boxes are a fab idea, there are some things I don't want the boys to get to at the moment, but eventually they will, when they learn to wash their hands properly and not eat anything sparkly or shiney! Perhaps you could put something on a shelf out their reach, but still in view