Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day #9 Challenge (Toy Organization)

Okay....Day #9 - Toy organization.  Thank goodness I pretty much all ready did this!  Unfortunately I don't really have any before pictures....but if you just use your imagination to visualize a HUGE disaster of toys on the floor....that would be pretty close to how it looked.

We started working on this about 2 month ago....since Christmas was right around the corner and we have 3 kids which = alot of STUFF coming in.  So we decided to drastically tone down how many toys we have.  We are fortunate to have a room that is specifically designated as the "toy room".  But it was still just so overwhelming.  And I was witnessing my kids feeling overwhelmed.  My 2 year old would go down....dump everything, and then walk away and not play with a thing!

The hardest part of the process was ME letting go of the toys!  I guess I feel attached to some of them, and then I feel guilty getting rid of things the kids got as gifts.  I know its silly (as hubby told me SEVERAL times) but I had a hard time.

 Yes...the dog (Bella) thinks that any pillow or blanket on the floor must have been left there specifically for her since she is a princess of course!

The second part of the process was I had the Hubsters build us some up high, out of reach shelves to store craft suppies, puzzles, games, and anything that I wanted to make sure was supervised.  They made a huge difference.

I also felt like the room needed some fun decor to liven it up a bit.  But we didn't really have the money to spend on expensive artwork. Then I had light bulb go off....I have my own little artists right here at home that give me their masterpieces for FREE!  Perfect.  I am sure we could have hung them in a more decorative way...but this works and it was uber cheap!

Now....I still have more plans for this space.  I really want to paint that awful wood paneling white, but that is going to be a summer project since I will definitely need ventilation.  And I would still like some of those cubby shelves for down there.  But for now...it is working out nicely.

I have found that the kids play down there so much more with less stuff.  And they are finding it easier to pick up now that different types of toys have their own containers (with awesome labels, of course).


  1. Very nice, Erica! I love the art and you did a great job organizing! We need to go through and get rid of toys, too. Your situation sounds a lot like mine. My kids feel very overwhelmed by all of the toys and my 2-year-old also dumps out all of the toys and then walks away. :( It's very frustrating and time consuming to pick all of it up every single day. I also have a hard time getting rid of toys. I need to get over that. You may have given me the inspiration to get rid of stuff the kids really don't need.

    By the way... our kids have the same kitchen! :)

  2. cute...you did a great job. I wish I had some shelves up like yours :-)

  3. Great job! I think the way you hung the art work was great! You don't need an extravagant way to hang them. I may consider doing the same thing for my son's art work...when he's old enough to make some of course. :)

  4. looks great! totally know the overwhelming feeling of toys.

  5. Love the art display. Well done!

  6. love the blog erika!!! just thought i would share this idea for wall decor in a playroom, we are going to be doing this, it's a knockoff from Land of Nod. http://www.gwennypenny.com/2010/10/land-of-nod-wall-art-knock-off.html

  7. We use the SAME EXACT method for displaying our son's artwork! I love it!