Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Free Home decor

We are on a pretty tight budget these days as we are trying to get our 1 credit card all paid off.  So...I have found myself browsing through my favorite blogs to find home decor ideas.  A while ago, I stole this idea from my favorite blogger, Jen over at IHeart Organizing.  Of course, I didn't do quite as good a job as she did, but it worked for what I wanted.  Free pencil cup:

This is a soup can with a bit of scrapbook paper wrapped around it.  I even went super lazy and just taped the paper.  It would have looked better with hot glue, but I was kind of in a hurry when I made it.  A couple days later I took the extra step and put ribbon around the top (with hot glue this time).   
And then here is another one I threw together because I like the paper and needed something to old a few dry erase markers.

Nothing fancy but definitely cuter than a plain soup can.
I also need something for my youngest daughter's wall.  I had moved some things around and ended up with a horribly blank and plain wall.  My Dad had made a beautiful wood name plaque for her when she was born.  I just needed something to go under it and like I mentioned, we aren't really spending any extra money right now. 

So, I went to my ever trusty Microsoft Excel program and used the Word Art feature.
 Then I matted it on (again) some scrapbook paper and slapped it in a frame.  
  And this is how the wall looks now.  Much better.
 And here is the pig's eye view.  haha
I have found a serious love of scrapbook paper!  You can use that stuff for everything.  It adds such a decorative touch to the most common things and makes them look so much prettier.  I am all about cheap and easy decor.  I am hoping to create some more and maybe with a little more flair soon.  

What have you guys created out of things you all ready have?

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  1. I have so much scrap paper. I love these quick and easy ideas. They are great!