Home Projects List

Just like so many of you....I love my house, but I have so much I want to do with it!  Our first goal this year is to become debt free.  Then, once that is done, I have a whole list of projects that I want to do.  This list will definitely take us several years, but a girl can dream!

Here we go:

-Put a vent in the bathroom
-Get all new fixtures for the bathroom
-push back the linen closet in bathroom
-add a bathroom to the laundry room
-convert 2/3 of garage into a master suite
-build a porch on the front of the house
-knock down part of wall between living room and kitchen
-install a tile backsplash in the kitchen
-update light fixtures through-out house
-replace all windows
-Window treatments
-paint living room
-paint bedroom
-paint kitchen
-update paint in girls room
-paint all woodwork, doors, and moldings white
-install crown molding in living and dining rooms

I am sure there are more....I will keep adding them as I think of them.  And then when we finally get to complete some of these I will cross them of and add before and afters.